Metal Braces

Metal Braces

These are the most widely used, traditional metal braces that consist of metal brackets made of stainless steel.

These use ties to hold the archwire in place.

These are small in design, sturdy and the most economical of all the varieties.

At Divine Smiles we also provide the option of nickel free braces since nickel allergy is very commonly found in people.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic or tooth coloured are similar to metal braces when it comes to the strength & functionality.

These are minimally visible and easier to maintain.

Though slightly higher in price, these are claimed to be more comfortable and easier to maintain than the metal ones.

Self-Ligating Braces

• Placed much like conventional braces, one of the major differences between self-ligating braces and traditional braces is the absence of elastic ligature.

• Self-ligating braces use an aesthetic metal door or clip to keep the archwires in place

• They cause less friction and are more comfortable on the teeth and the gums.

With a fewer no of components looks much neater and easier to maintain active clips reduces the frequency of appointments.

• They are available in both metal and ceramic

Major advantages include-

1. Less painful

2. Faster treatment

3. Easy to clean.

Lingual Braces

• Lingual braces also known as invisible braces - Worried about the hassles of wearing braces? While at first the idea of wearing braces does not seem to be a very pleasant one, invisible braces are here to get you the best of comfort and looks.

• Lingual braces are innovative and uses state of art technology to create customised braces for your teeth.

• It’s the super speciality branch of braces and Dr. Deep Garg masters multiple lingual braces techniques

• Limited knowledge and skill (FEW TRAINED ORTHODONTIST) with restrictive technology makes them unavailable to the masses – we at Divine Smiles make it possible skilled trained senior orthodontist that too at highly affordable cost.

• These braces are totally invisible ideally recommended for adults who cannot compromise on their looks.

• Lingual Orthodontics (Invisible Braces treatment) is best suited for: YUPI (Young Urban Professional Individuals). Also Individuals from IT sector, BPO, Aviation & Hospitality Industries, TV Serials, Front Office Staff, Doctors & Lawyers. Good for interns / MBA students about to appear for job / Visa Interviews.

• Also suited for Individuals of marriageable age or married persons.

Invisible Aligners

• It is a new age treatment modality to correct your smile.

A series of plastic trays are made to fit your teeth comfortably that slowly moves your teeth to the correct place to improve your smile.

• This is the latest to enter in the field of correcting teeth alignment.

Advantages of aligners-

1. Clear ... Hence Invisible

2. Comfortable

3. No Risk Of Any Emergency, Cuts & Sores

4. Less Number Of Visits Required

5. Highly Precise Tooth Movements Based On Digital Technology & Scientific Process

6. Predictable Results Visualization Even Before Treatment Starts

• Ideal for NRI patients and frequent travelers.