Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces have brackets placed virtually on the inner side of the tooth (lingually) and hence are practically invisible. No one except the patient knows that they are wearing braces. They are indicated for all types of bite correction, however the treatment time may vary depending on the severity. If you don't want anyone to ever know that you are wearing braces, then invisible braces is the solution for you!

They are 100 percent customizable, which allows them to follow the shape of your teeth for comfort and to give you the best smile possible. They work to gradually move the teeth into their right position just like traditional braces.

Adaptation period for invisible braces is around one week Speech alteration will be present for around one week to ten days. After initial Adaptation period speech becomes normal.

We have treated models, actors, senior managers, hotel and airline crew with these braces. They could continue with their work as usual.

DG Braces has doctors with special training in order to do lingual braces.


1. They are invisible thereby increasing the self confidence of the patient.

2. The technology and the biomechanics makes most of the cases possible to treat with invisible braces without removal of teeth.

3. Customised hence comfortable

4. Impairs speech for a very short duration

5. See your results as the teeth position improve (don’t wait for the braces to be removed for the results to be seen)

6. No ugly marks (in case of not maintaining during treatment) on the front of your teeth


1. They tend to hurt the tongue making it difficult to talk in the initial days.

2. They are more expensive than metal or ceramic braces.

3. The treatment time required for lingual braces is slightly more than the regular braces.

4. They cannot be used for certain cases where there is a severe alteration of bite.


1. During the initial days, these brackets will hurt the tongue. Hence the person should practice talking with these.

2. Avoid extremely hard foods as they can break the wires or the bracket may come out.

3. Dental wax can be placed on the bracket to avoid irritation to the soft tissues.

4. Avoid stringy foods as they can get caught between the wires.

5. Maintain good oral hygiene.

Lingual Orthodontics (Invisible Braces treatment) is best suited for:

1. Young Urban Professional Individuals.

2. Also Individuals from IT sector, BPO,

3. Aviation & Hospitality Industries,

4. TV Serials,

5. Front Office Staff,

6. Doctors & Lawyers.

7. Good for interns / MBA students about to appear for job / Visa Interviews.

We offer a variety of systems of customized lingual braces for patients according to their needs. But we never deny the patient of treatment.